Life expectancy in America

According to a recent infographic by the University of Southern California, life expectancy in America in on the increase. Most babies born in 1900 did not live to the age of 50. However, today, the life expectancy for girls is 81.2 years, and the life expectancy for boys is 76.4 years. This is a stark difference, and can be put down to a number of factors like a better income, a better diet, and better access to healthcare. The online masters in gerontology can teach you more about these factors.

By the year 2050, it is believed that over 20% of the US population will be over 65. This will lead to a demand for professionals, not only in gerontology, but in healthcare as well. The infographic below explains more.

Americans Are Living Longer is an infographic from the master in gerontology department at


Infographic indicating American life expectancy increases

Data via the master in gerontology department at

10th November 2017

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