Over the last few months, Bute Island Foods has been collaborating with Christina from the popular East Meets Kitchen website and YouTube channel.  We provide the Sheese, and Christina lets her imagination go wild and brings us a range of recipes that are a fusion of eastern and western cuisines.  But most important of all, each recipe she brings to the table is vegan…and delicious!  And Christina’s latest recipe simply brilliant and does not disappoint.

Being completely gluten-free, this recipe will become a firm favourite for your family.  Christina’s Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Blue Sheese brings an imaginative twist to cauliflower with a bit of heat and a bit of eastern charm!  Christina makes the whole process easy for the viewer, as not only does she show in the video how to make the dish, but also below lists all the ingredients and the cooking instructions.  She even provides a link to some of the ingredients which may be slightly harder to find in your local vegan store.  This is definitely one recipe we cannot wait to try!

Be sure to follow Christina’s East Meets Kitchen YouTube channel for more incredible dishes and reviews, and while you’re at it, check out her Instagram and Twitter social media accounts, or support her on Patreon.  And, of course, Christina has her own East Meets Kitchen website, which is definitely worth a visit as it charts the influences on her recipes from around the world.  And the latest news from this imaginative and creative chef is that Christina has brought out a fantastic new hard-back book, Vegan Dim Sum, which brings over 50 classic recipes and uses traditional Chinese flavours and techniques alongside a vegan pantry to make plant-based dim sum which tastes just like actual dim sum.  This is one book worth the investment if you love vegan Chinese cuisine!


24th March 2020

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