There are so many ways you can enjoy Bute Island Foods’ Sheese – it’s not just for layering on crackers!  And as Sheese melts so perfectly, the variety of uses is phenomenal.  So if you have ever wondered how versatile our Sheese can be, be sure to check out our range of recipes.

Five highly talented professional chefs, Pamela, Denise, Daniella, Jonathan and Tiago, have created a wonderful array of vegan recipes, each one using Sheese as one of the main ingredients.  There are currently nearly 80 recipes on the website, and we are adding to them all the time, so be sure to check regularly.

The latest creation from Pamela is an old family favourite, Vegan Cauliflower Sheese, which uses our Strong Cheddar Style Sheese Wedge, is perfect on these cold winter evenings as we await the onset of Spring.

And of course if you have any favourite vegan recipes using Sheese, be sure to let us know here and we may well include it for all to enjoy!

13th March 2019

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