Not ones for usually reading celebrity articles in newspapers, we were, however, drawn to an article in the Metro newspaper online about Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague.  On a recent trip to Thailand, Molly-Mae, a recognised “influencer” followed by many young women, admirably stated her intent to go vegan while on the island of Ko Samui.  However, her good intentions fell by the wayside when she ordered a cheese pizza on her first night on the popular holiday isle.

It reminded me of a good vegan friend of mine who, back in the early 2000s, took her own vegan cheese with her on a meal out and asked the waiter if the chef could use this cheese in the preparation of her pizza.  Nearly 20 years ago, it was unusual for restaurants to readily offer vegan options of popular dishes – but things have certainly changed over the years.  Now vegan versions of popular dishes are readily available, as the catering and restaurant industry recognise the huge growth in veganism in recent years.

Bute Island Foods, of course, works in close partnership with popular pizza chain Papa John’s to bring delicious vegan pizza to everyone who still wants to enjoy pizza without the dairy element.  And since that introduction over a year ago, the company has extended its range of vegan pizzas, again using our very own Sheese.  And if you want to make your own vegan pizza, check out our recipes where you will find various delicious options for Sheese vegan pizza.

So if you are intending to give the vegan lifestyle a go, you don’t have to miss out on some of your favourite dishes.  Most restaurants and fast food chains now offer vegan versions of their popular dishes – so there is no excuse for making a mistake like Molly-Mae!

11th March 2020

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