Here at Bute Island Foods, we love it when we are approached by a YouTuber with a view to some sort of collaboration.  YouTube has become the second most used search engine on the internet, after Google, and so provides a huge resource for a massive range of subjects.  From reviews of the latest electronic gadgets to how to hang wallpaper and, of course, the latest vegan recipes, there is a wealth of quality information on YouTube.

We were therefore delighted when Christina, who runs the excellent East Meets Kitchen YouTube channel, approached us as she had previously tasted some of our Sheese range and was keen to try them out in some of her delicious recipes.  Christina has over 33,000 subscribers, who obviously appreciate her approach of veganising some of the fantastic dishes she has found on her travels around the world.  And her recipes are certainly wide and varied and, without exception, absolutely mouth watering.

We always appreciate honest and open critical reviews of our products, and never try to influence any review.  And so on that understanding we sent Christina a varied box of some of our most popular products, which she taste-tested in this fascinating YouTube review.  We were so pleased that, after trying our Sheese in the past, she was impressed with the quality of our range of Sheese.

But what really excited us, given that we have a range of delicious dishes in our recipes section, was what Christina could come up with using our Sheese in some superb recipes with an Eastern twist.  And we have certainly not been disappointed.  Her vegan take on the traditional Spicy Cheesy Korean Ramen recipe has our taste buds tingling in anticipation of what she may come up with next!

Be sure to follow Christina’s East Meets Kitchen YouTube channel for more incredible dishes and reviews, and while you’re at it, check out her Instagram and Twitter social media accounts, or support her on Patreon.  And, of course, Christina has her own East Meets Kitchen website, which is definitely worth a visit as it charts the influences on her recipes from around the world.

We can’t wait to see what Christina comes up with next!

18th November 2019

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