With the rise in popularity of vegan cheese alternatives, it’s always exciting to find new websites which are actively promoting a range of products, informing the public of the range of dairy free products available around the world.

One such site that has come to our attention is Fauxmage, a site based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands which is providing plenty of information and resources for manufacturers of non-dairy products and those individuals who want to enjoy their wares.  We are grateful to this newly created site for their excellent article about Bute Island Foods’ range of Sheese, and look forward to reading more.  Why not subscribe to their newsletter and follow their Twitter for latest updates?

Fauxmage believes that dairy-free cheese is the “gift that keeps on giving”, as new cruelty free and environmentally friendly products hit the shops around the world.  They are championing established producers, as well as promoting new start-ups and are therefore providing a fantastic resource for all.


10th July 2019

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