One of the most popular features of our website, according to statistics, is the Recipes section.  It contains nearly 90 delicious recipes, and we are adding to them every month!  All our recipes are 100% vegan, and each one has as an integral ingredient one or more of our range of Sheese products.

We have a dedicated team of chefs who devise these recipes for you to try out, and this month’s recipe, Courgette & Pesto Cheese Tart, was created by our regular contributor, Pamela Higgins, who runs her own food recipe blog website.

In the last week winter has truly set in, with way too much rain, cold winds and temperatures considerably below the seasonal average, so it’s good to have a quick and easy family meal that will warm you from head to toes.  And our Courgette & Pesto Sheese Tart is sure to become a family favourite.

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14th November 2019

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