We reported yesterday that we are major sponsors of a new, high profile Vegan event, Plant Powered Expo, which takes place in February 2020 at Olympia London.  But in our quest to promote the advantages of a vegan lifestyle, it is not just the big events that we are pleased to help, but also much smaller, local events.

That’s why we are delighted to repost some photos from a small scale local event held at Singleton Environment Centre, near Ashford in Kent. organised by Kent Vegan Events.  Bute Island Foods donated some Sheese samples for the stall, set up to help provide information to families and individuals visiting the centre, promoting and giving advice about following a vegan diet.  The work these small, grassroots event organisers carry out is vital in spreading the word about veganism, the resulting lifestyle benefits and animal welfare.

Kent Vegan Events organises and runs ethical, inclusive, vegan events that are animal, human and plant friendly, with the aim of having the lowest negative impact possible and of demonstrating how humans are inextricably part of nature, not separate to it.  They want to raise awareness about veganism as a holistic, environmentally sustainable and intrinsically non-violent way of life.  The events are inclusive and welcoming, with the aim of encouraging all people in their vegan journey.

Their approach is to be supportive, educational, encouraging and positive; they believe in non-violence to all living beings and in peaceful, friendly, non-discriminatory means of campaigning and communicating their message.  They believe that this is the most effective way to teach people about all aspects of veganism and to increase the number of ethical vegans in the world.

And that is precisely why we will continue to support events, large and small, across the country.  Check out our events listings for news of vegan events in your area.

16th July 2019

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