As we have regularly discussed, Bute Island Foods works very closely with Kosher London Beth Din (KLBD), Europe’s largest Kosher certification organisation.  By ensuring that our products and our supply chain are Kosher-certified, we can bring 26 Kosher products to our full range on offer.  And thanks to KLBD, our Kosher products are getting out to the Jewish population through their series of Roadshows, which this week arrived in Cambridge.

Some 60 people attended the event, about a third of whom were students, and were able to listen to a presentation by our friend Sharon Feldman-Vazan of KLBD about the availability of Kosher foods in the area.  And, of course, the visitors were able to taste a whole range of Kosher products, including our very own Sheese.

KLBD is continually certifying new retail products in the UK and abroad.  Part of Sharon’s remit is to find new products to certify and to work with these companies to make sure that the Jewish population in the UK know about all the new products and where they are available.  As such, five years ago KLBD started doing doing roadshows around the country, going to Synagogues, clubs and charities as far afield as Glasgow and Hove, with plenty in the areas with the most concentrated Jewish populations.

They take around 250 certified products that are available in regular supermarkets and health-food stores to these roadshows, to show that everyone has the opportunity to eat Kosher.  For those in North London, it’s obviously easier with a vast selection of kosher supermarkets but, even then, there are many products that these supermarkets don’t stock that can be easily purchased elsewhere.

As seen, Sharon also gives a short talk on the process of certification, and the steps each company has to go through to have their products certified.  Visitors to the roadshows find this an interesting aspect, and usually have many questions about individual companies.

Sharon also tells attendees about the KLBD London App,, the  KLBD Facebook group and other ways they can find out about new products.  And of course they have the opportunity to taste the products KLBD has brought to the table and take away a leaflet with a list of the companies and their websites so people can be reminded what products were of interest to them.

At Bute Island Foods, we are very keen to support the KLBD Roadshows, as it helps promote our products to the wide Jewish market, and we will continue to work with KLBD to ensure that as many of our products as possible are Kosher certified.


13th March 2020

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