Bute Island Foods will always try and help out event organisers with samples of our Sheese, but at the weekend we were able to attend a fantastic event in person, in the shape of husband and wife team Marc and Sarah Nelson.

Young Aden, popularly known as Infinite Vegan, has been passionate about veganism for some time, and it had always been his dream to organise a vegan event.  So last weekend, with the help of his family and wider vegan community, Aden hosted the Stay on the Vegan Side event in Harborne, Birmingham.  And it just so happened that Marc and Sarah were in the area, so of course were delighted to go along and support Aden in his venture.

“A huge congratulations to Aden, who organised a great event, with a wide variety of stalls and tasty vegan treats,” said Sarah.  It was great to support all the hard work he had put into the fair.  Marc and I were really impressed about Aden’s knowledge of veganism, and his conviction to the cause!”


21st November 2018

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