Following our recent story about Bute Island Foods’ success in the BBC Good Food Blind Taste Test, with our Asda own branded Mature Cheddar style dairy free cheese, we are delighted to report even more success!

Our own labelled Original Creamy Sheese was voted the Winner in the Vegan Soft Cheese category in the same BBC blind taste test, and we are proud of the critique that followed the contest.

“Our stand-out product of the entire taste test, this impressed us with its near-perfect imitation of regular cream cheese. It has the same thick, creamy and smooth texture, as well as the slightly sour flavour.

“Not only would it be great on toast, oatcakes or in sandwiches, it also doesn’t split when cooking so could be stirred through risottos and pastas or used in sauces.”

With all our recent success, Bute Island Foods is rightly proud of our variety of Sheese!  Why not try our Original Creamy Sheese for yourself?  Check the Where to Buy page for stockists.



13th February 2019

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