Every now and then a website comes to our attention that we think merits a mention.  We recently found out about a fascinating blog called My Pinch of Italy, which features a range of recipes, along with background anecdotes, which help the reader rediscover traditional Italian and regional preparations and ingredients.  Compiled with passion by Italian Fiorenza, the recipes truly come from the heart – as with all Italian cooking.

“At My Pinch of Italy, we look for those recipes that make you feel at home” says Fiorenza.  “Imagination and simplicity are characteristic of the Italian approach to cooking; to this we add experience, knowledge of the techniques and the raw materials, curiosity for lesser known regional cuisine and willingness to experiment.”

Fiorenza understands different nutritional needs and choices, and is therefore eagerly branching into dairy-free and vegan alternative ingredients to her traditional Italian dishes.  After all, Italian cuisine is not just the sum of its ingredients, it is also – and most importantly – an attitude and  feeling for taste achieved when cooking with different products.  Bute Island Foods has therefore formed a partnership with Fiorenza, supplying her with some of our Sheese range, which she will incorporate into her recipes.

And so, as Fiorenza says, whether you are an Italian living abroad and miss traditional cooking, or are keen to recreate those Mediterranean tastes once experienced on an adventurous trip, have a look at My Pinch of Italy, put on that apron and get ready to experiment.  She is there to help you along your journey!



14th May 2019

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