We are delighted to announce that Bute Island Foods will be a major sponsor of a brand new event taking place early next year – Plant Powered Expo.  The event, being held in one of London’s premier venues, Olympia London, is set to become one of the largest of its type, with 235 stands and 100 guest speakers.  Highlighting the range of new innovations in plant-based diets and foods, the expo will be held on 1st – 2nd February 2020.

This new show carries a general feelgood factor with lots of positive vibes from the wonders of a following plant-based way of life.  This maiden event welcomes visitors from all walks of life, including those looking to either transition to plant-based or learn more about the lifestyle, as well as those well versed in the ins and outs of living plant-based.

The show will have 12 featured areas, including Plant Powered Health, Plant Powered Planet, Plant Powered Lifestyle, Plant Powered Fitness, Grow Your Own, alongside The Vegan Academy offering an introduction to the history of veganism, and some of the differences and similarities between veganism and plant-based diets, 2 cookery theatres with the Continental Cuisine – Cookery Classes carrying a continental focus and the Eazy Vegan Kitchen looking primarily at street food, the Global Food Court with a sumptuous array of plant-based cuisines from 12 handpicked caterers, the Taste Plant Based area with sampling sessions for an assortment of plant-based food and drinks, on top of the Artisan Food Creative Classes showcasing the makings of plant-based Sheese, mylks, ‘meats’ and such like, as well as the Plant Powered Excellence, offering a showcase of a fine selection of plant-based products with awards to be won in a number of categories at the end.

Tickets for this exciting event will be available to purchase from November 2019 on the show website Plant Powered Expo, with lineups of exhibitors, hosts and speakers along with the show guide and a Plant Powered Starter Kit to be released shortly afterwards.

Over the years Bute Island Foods has sponsored a wide range of events, and this is undoubtedly the largest.  But it is not just large national events that we are proud to support.  As an integral employer on the Isle of Bute, we are keen to help some of the fantastic events that take place on the island, the latest one being Bute Noir Crime Writing Festival.  Check out the Visit Bute website for all the island has to offer.


15th July 2019

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