It’s always great to hear how an event for which we provided some of our Sheese products has gone.  So we were delighted to receive news and photographs from Raleigh International, the world-wide charity which aims to inspire young people and communities to create lasting change.  Emily Jayne Brice, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Raleigh International, organised a Pot Luck Vegan Picnic for her work colleagues on World Vegan Day.  And Bute Island Foods was delighted to provide a range of our Sheese for the staff to taste.

World Vegan Day, celebrated on 1st November every year, has grown since its creation in 1994, and more and more people are taking the opportunity to at least try out some vegan products.  Many will then go on to adopt a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons including the environment and animal rights.

It was so good of Emily to send us some photos of the event, as a mark of her appreciation for the Sheese that we sent.  Her event was certainly well received by her work colleagues.  “With your generous donations, World Vegan Day managed to convert three people to veganism, and an entire office saying they will cut down on meat and dairy”, wrote Emily.  “We did a fabulous cheese board on the Friday for World Vegan Day, and had enough leftovers for another cheese board on the Monday.  The creamy Sheeses especially were very popular, as well as the caramelized onion Sheese.”

“I have been enjoying Sheese for many years, probably since I first went vegan 11 years ago, and I am so glad to see you are still going strong and growing in popularity!”

Thank you Emily, and more power to you in your efforts to introduce veganism to your work colleagues!

21st November 2019

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