If you are in self-isolation as a result of Coronavirus, you can still get hold of Sheese, your favourite vegan dairy free cheese, through a number of online shops and services.

These are pretty dark days around the world at the moment.  As the prospect of Coronavirus spreading even further becomes an increasing threat, we have seen unprecedented moves to halt the spread.  Borders are closing, markets are in meltdown, countries are in lockdown and whole families are isolating themselves.  The only beneficiary so far has been climate change, with estimations that those countries like China and Italy that have enforced lockdown, energy use and emissions have reduced by 25%.  People are pretty resilient, and we have witnessed extraordinary acts of kindness as people bond in isolation, and parts of Italy have had impromptu concerts as people sing or play instruments from their apartment balconies.

In the UK, the government has set out a number of recommendations, including self-isolation if you are in a vulnerable group or feeling any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.  As a result, vast numbers of people in vulnerable groups are staying at home and keeping a distance from family, neighbours and work colleagues.  Despite some panic buying in supermarkets (how many toilet rolls do you really need?!), supplies of most foods and household items are still adequate, but more and more people are using online services to avoid direct contact with other people.

If you are in self-isolation, you can still get hold of your favourite Sheese products by using a host of online services and supermarkets where Sheese is available.  All the major supermarket chains offer online delivery, and of course there are a number of smaller, independent online retailers with supplies of Sheese.  So in these troubled times there is no need to forgo your favourite vegan cheese.

17th March 2020

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