If you are one of the lucky few to have tickets to Glastonbury Festival later this month, be sure to go along to The Green Fields where you could get a taste of Bute Island Foods’ Sheese.  Our partners, Veggies Catering Campaign, is going to be present, offering the very best of vegan catering to festival goers, and they use our very own Sheese in their dishes.

The Green Fields at Glastonbury brings together people with passionate concerns about the devastating effects of climate change on this planet. Through education, communication and raising awareness, Green Fields campaigns  for ways of living that will help combat the catastrophic effect our carbon emissions are having on the planet.  But it’s not all serious – they combine activism with a huge party to celebrate life on Earth, focusing on saving the planet and the many species that are disappearing at an alarming rate.

And at the heart of the celebrations will be Veggies, a volunteer-led, community social enterprise based in Nottingham, who has provided vegan catering and supported campaigns for humans, animals and the environment since 1984.  They will be at The Green Fields at Glastonbury from 9am on Wednesday 26th June to Monday 1st July.  If you are going to be at Glastonbury you will be very welcome to hang out with Veggies and support their campaign – as well as enjoying some award-winning vegan catering!


17th June 2019

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