Here at Bute Island Foods we are constantly amazed at the wide variety of different places where our Sheese products are cropping up.  And this week we learned that a quality restaurant in London’s iconic Borough Market is to introduce our Sheese next month in its late-night burger range.

Roast Restaurant may not have the most hopeful name for vegans, but they have taken on board the needs of non-meat eaters and developed a delicious vegan menu.  And now they have announced that from 19th March they are to introduce a vegan burger using Sheese as part of their burger range targeted at late-night revellers.   The burger range will be available at the restaurant from 8.30pm until late, for people who are enjoying the host of clubs to be found in the area, south of the Thames.

The vegan burger will be jam-packed with a black bean and sweet potato patty on a charcoal bun, with a love heart tomato and pickled red cabbage, all topped off with a generous portion of Sheese.  Sounds delicious and perfect for hungry revellers.

We are firm believers of inclusivity, and have created our range of Sheese products to be enjoyed by everyone, not just vegans.  It is therefore encouraging to hear that restaurants such as Roast are recognising that vegans represent a very important – and lucrative – market, and are creating imaginative dishes to cater for the increasing number of vegans in the UK today.  After all, just because vegans have made the decision to adopt a lifestyle free from animal products and cruelty, why should they be excluded from enjoying a meal out with their friends or family?

If you hear of a catering establishment, online store or even a corner shop which is featuring Sheese, be sure to let us know and we will make sure we give them the coverage they deserve.  Just contact us using our online form.

28th February 2020

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