We all knew that Sheese was good.  But now Sheese is officially the best!  In the 2019 Vegan Cheese Awards, our Smoked German Style Sheese has won the award for Best Vegan Cheese, as voted by you!

And it was not the only winner, as announced this week.  As well as the overall winner, our Red Leicester Style Sheese was voted the best vegan Red Leicester, Wensleydale Style with Cranberries the best vegan Wensleydale and Creamy Sheese with Garlic & Herbs the best raw vegan cheese.  And, of course, our Smoked German Style Sheese    was voted the best smoked vegan cheese, as well as being the overall winner.

Vegancheese.co has gathered all the data and votes from their excellent vegan cheese resource last year to decide the 2019 vegan cheese awards.  The  award organisers then shared the great news with each and every vegan cheese manufacturer that won a best plant based cheese category.  The website is a superb resource for lovers of vegan cheese, as has gone through over 300 vegan cheeses, more than any other vegan food awards, to find the best vegan cheeses.  They had thousands of votes from vegans who are trying their first vegan cheese, to vegan cheese enthusiasts and even those addicted to the wonderful world of vegan cheese.  In total there were 32 vegan cheese award categories, covering the best types of cheeses, from Cheddar to Camembert.  Their reviews cover qualities such as how well they melt and how good they taste on crackers.

And this isn’t the first time our Smoked German Style Sheese has been a major award winner.  In 2019 it won a Silver Award at the Quality Food Awards, and in 2018 it won Gold.  And now, with this latest Vegan Cheese Award, we can now happily say that Sheese is the best of the best!


15th January 2020

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