At Bute Island Foods, we work in close co-operation with many organisations in the vegan world.  Whether it is with stockists of our Sheese products or with our many agents around the world, by working closely with these groups ensures that we can bring delicious vegan and dairy free cheese to as many people as possible.  But there is one area in which we have become more involved, and that is getting our brand known to as wide an audience as possible, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through sponsorship.

Earlier this month we were fortunate enough to be a major sponsor of one of the UK’s newest and most exciting vegan fairs, Plant Powered Expo, held at Olympia London on 1st – 2nd February.  The event was a huge success, attended by 7,500 visitors, who were able to to sample a variety of our Sheese at a tasting table.  But what do we get out of sponsorship?  It’s all about getting our brand name out there in the public domain.  As a result of our cash injection into Plant Powered Expo, we gained great exposure, and are grateful to the media team for the numerous Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as some excellent coverage in their series of blogs.

But of course sponsorship comes in a variety of forms.  Earlier last year we were delighted to announce our sponsorship of the UK’s – and perhaps the world’s – only 100% vegan football team, Forest Green Rovers, who are currently doing well in the English Football League 2.  And being based on a small Scottish island which relies on tourist revenue, we are always supportive of local events, such as Bute Noir, which brings top crime writers and their entourage of fans to the island each summer.  We want to ensure that Sheese is entirely inclusive, and can be enjoyed by not just vegans – hence our willingness to sponsor appropriate non-vegan events.

And if an event is both local and vegan, all the better!  We are really excited to be a sponsor of the inaugural Arran VegFest, being held next month on our neighbouring island of Arran.

If you are a vegan event organiser and would like to be considered for sponsorship – or even simply free samples of our Sheese range for tastings – let us know through our contact form.  No matter if your event is large or small – we look forward to hearing from you!

14th February 2020

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