Each Saturday during a chilly January, GOAT – Gloucestershire Outreach Advocacy Team, has set up a table in Cheltenham town centre to celebrate Veganuary.  The hardy team offered shoppers and passers-by a series of ‘challenges’, pitting various types of popular vegan foods against each other, and asked the public to vote for their favourites.  And in Veganuary they carried out what they called The Great Gloucestershire Vegan Cheese Challenge!

Over the past few years, the team has found this method to be not only fun but hugely successful, with people actually taking the time to properly taste the products rather than simply dismissing them as different to their usual products.  As the visitors to the stall have five or six varieties to try, it gives the team the opportunity to engage them in conversation, finally asking them if they would like to sign up to Veganuary.  The aim is to show the general public that adopting a vegan lifestule can be as simple as swapping out the things they currently consume with cruelty-free versions.

For their final week of Veganuary, GOAT decided to challenge shoppers to a taste test of….you guessed it… Bute Island Foods’ Sheese varieties, using free samples supplied by ourselves.  The team wanted to hear the public’s opinion of vegan cheese alternatives, as often the final stumbling block for any would-be vegan is a move away from dairy cheese.  It also gave us the opportunity to hear which varieties visitors to the stall liked best.

And as for the all important final results….?

First place went to… Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli

And in second place… Cheddar Style with Caramelised Red Onion

In third place was… Blue English Style  , closely followed by Greek Style in fourth place and Mature Cheddar Style in fifth.

We were delighted to help GOAT with their taste test, and are grateful to their wonderful volunteers who braved the cold weather.  The team works hard to promote veganism, and are always looking for volunteers on their Facebook page.


10th February 2020

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