It is estimated that in the UK there are now some 700,000 vegans, nearly 2% of  the population.  Not necessarily astounding in itself, but when you compare it to the 2014 figure of 150,000, the rise is phenomenal.  The UK introduced more vegan products in 2018 than any other nation, and around 1 in 3 people have either stopped or drastically reduced their intake of meat.

And nowhere is the rise in veganism more apparent than in UK universities.  A quick check showed that every major UK university had a Vegan Society.  Here in Scotland, the University of Glasgow Vegan Society is thriving, with over 250 members.  Bute Island Foods was therefore delighted to be contacted by the society, asking for samples from our range of Sheese for their cheese and wine event on 12 February.  We are always happy to supply free samples of our products – not only does it help promote a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle, it also showcases our delicious Sheese to new and ever-growing audiences.

One of the most active of university vegan societies, Glasgow holds regular events throughout term time.  For details of their latest event in February, check our vegan events listing.  Meantime, if other university vegan societies would like to try some samples of our Sheese, just drop us a line!


27th January 2019

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