Bute Island Foods is always gratified to work in collaboration with some of our partners.  It ensures that we are always kept on our toes to bring new, fresh ideas from our partnerships.

And so we were delighted when Alvin McQueen, from Golden Palms Health, produced a colourful e-book with some delicious recipes, many featuring our very own Sheese.

Golden Palms Health is a team of world renowned professional chefs and nutritionists from the highest echelons of the corporate catering industry.  Running a variety of courses, the team  has a passion to educate people to help them gain greater knowledge and experience in health and wellbeing.  Chef Alvin has over 25 years of experience, serving at prestigious corporate dining events and organisations, and even has had the honour of serving the Queen on board the luxury liner Queen Elizabeth II.

Alvin’s e-book is bound to inspire you to try some incredible recipes, and understand the route to good health can be an enjoyable experience.  You can have a look at it by clicking here

12th January 2019

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