Vegan Food & Living Magazine is celebrating the incredible growth of veganism by hosting its first ever awards. And we are delighted to announce that Bute Island Foods’ Jalapeno and Chilli Cheddar Style Sheese has been nominated for an award in the “Best Vegan Cheese” category.

The rise of veganism in the UK has been mirrored by the growth of Bute Island Foods. Our range of Sheese is constantly expanding, and is now available in more places than ever before. And we are of course delighted to have one of our most popular varieties recognised with this nomination. Even better – the choice of winner is up to you!

If you are a fan of our Sheese, why not vote for us by clicking on this Vegan Food & Living Awards 2019 link. Voting is open until 18th January, and there is a chance to win a year’s subscription to the magazine.

Thank you for your vote!

11th December 2018

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