With the better weather coming in, people the length and breadth of the country are looking out their barbecues, and dusting off their slightly rusty utensils.  Barbecue season is once again upon us!

And what better accompaniment to those delicious vegan burgers than our very own Sheese slices, which come in a variety of styles – Mozzarella, Mature Cheddar, Mild Cheddar and Red Leicester.  Not only are they all delicious, they also melt wonderfully over your hot burger.

Now is your chance to try our Sheese slices free!  Just go to Bute Island Foods’ Twitter page, follow us and retweet our pinned Tweet by 31st May for the opportunity to win.  And get that barbecue lit – you could be tucking in to some delicious Sheese slices very soon!


21st May 2019

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