A week ago, on Friday 1st November, the global vegan community celebrated World Vegan Day.  It is a time when vegans come together, set up stalls, hold vegan events and host vegan parties to not only celebrate, but also promote, the vegan lifestyle.  Founded in 1994 by Louise Willis, then Chair of the Vegan Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society, the event has grown in strength, no doubt because veganism has grown is strength and popularity.

We would love to know how you celebrated World Vegan Day.  Perhaps you hosted a party which included some of your favourite Sheese products.  Or even tried making one of our delicious vegan recipes using Bute Island Foods’ very own Sheese.  Just let us know through our contacts form and we will publish the best of your replies.

And as they are now celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2019, the Vegan Society is promoting World Vegan Month in November.  You now have a whole month to salute and promote all things vegan!

8th November 2019

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