Bute Island Foods During Coronavirus

26th March 2020

The whole world is coming to a standstill amid the chaos and devastation being created by the continuing sweep of Coronavirus across the globe.  And in the United Kingdom, we are facing exactly the same challenges as being witnessed across Europe and beyond.  With government restrictions on the movement of people being increasingly enforced, we […]

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New Recipe From East Meets Kitchen

24th March 2020

Over the last few months, Bute Island Foods has been collaborating with Christina from the popular East Meets Kitchen website and YouTube channel.  We provide the Sheese, and Christina lets her imagination go wild and brings us a range of recipes that are a fusion of eastern and western cuisines.  But most important of all, […]

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Self-Isolating? You Can Still Get Sheese

17th March 2020

If you are in self-isolation as a result of Coronavirus, you can still get hold of Sheese, your favourite vegan dairy free cheese, through a number of online shops and services. These are pretty dark days around the world at the moment.  As the prospect of Coronavirus spreading even further becomes an increasing threat, we […]

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Coronavirus – Vegan Events Cancelled

16th March 2020

We have seen how Coronavirus continues to have a huge impact on sports events around the country and beyond, but now it is having a devastating effect on the many vegan events due to have been held last weekend and in the near future.  Already we have seen the heartbreak of Arran VegFest having to […]

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