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Our Values

One of the most common reasons people have for not ditching dairy used to be that there wasn’t a decent dairy free alternative that really tasted like cheese. Now we can tell them: you really don’t have to miss out any more thanks to our award winning vegan range Sheese.  You can rest assured in the knowledge that our ethically-sourced ingredients adhere to our core values of being dairy-free, animal-free, mostly certified Kosher and made exclusively with ingredients sourced as non-GMO.


Our core values – inclusive, ethically produced food for all

  • To make it easy for people to go dairy free
  • To provide suitable alternatives to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle choices, health concerns, or beliefs
    • We’re making inclusive food, so people can enjoy what really matters to them
    • We’re supporting vegan diets and other dairy or animal-free lifestyles
    • We’re helping people lower their carbon footprint and protect the environment in turn
    • We’re dedicated to animal free, ethical food production processes
  • To offer excellent value: a great taste meeting highest quality standards, always at an affordable price.

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