We have all witnessed the success of Greggs vegan sausage rolls, introduced to a fanfare on social media early this year.  Since then, more and more fast food chains have been introducing vegan versions of their most popular products as more and more people look for vegan options.  And of course Bute Island Foods has been part of this revolution, partnering Papa John’s to provide the Sheese for their vegan pizzas.

Now there is ample evidence that more High Street food chains are planning to bring out vegan products, according to Vegan Food UK, the popular online organisation that shares vegan food news on social media.

Yesterday, they posted a photograph taken by an Instagram user of a poster spotted in London, which apparently shows a billboard advertising a new vegan chicken burger.  Coated in the company’s signature 11 herbs and spices, the poster adds that the original recipe vegan burger contains “zero chicken”.  The new product is due to be launched in January, to coincide with the launch of Veganuary.

Similarly, Vegan Food UK also posted a photograph of a sign in Greggs, suggesting that they are also about to launch a vegan version of their popular steak bake.  Earlier this year it had been widely reported  that Greggs planned to bring out vegan versions of its most popular products.  The sign suggests that the vegan steak bake contains Quorn meat substitute, onions and gravy, and would retail for £1.55.  The potential launch also coincides with Greggs Chief Executive, Roger Whiteside, deciding to try the vegan lifestyle for himself.

It is indeed gratifying to see the major fast food chains catering for the huge rise in the vegan market.  And while we would always advocate home-cooked meals using the freshest of vegan produce, it is encouraging that vegans are increasingly no longer excluded from the occasional treat from these most popular of food outlets.

After the excesses of the festive holidays – myself included – Veganuary offers the chance to settle back into a meat and dairy free diet.  Watch this space for Veganuary updates in the New Year!



30th December 2019

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