Pudz Animal Sanctuary hosts around 15 vegan festivals around the UK to help raise funds for its operations – and Bute Island Foods is delighted to support these events for what is undoubtedly a very worthy cause.  Check out our events listings for details of their upcoming events.

But as Pudz looks to help even more abandoned pets and other animals, the restrictions of its current premises are becoming more apparent.  That is why Pudz has started a crowd funding campaign to help purchase land to build facilities for even more rescued animals – and they need your help.

Shena Steer has been rescuing animals all her life.  Over five years ago she set up Pudz Animal Sanctuary after rescuing a dog called Jerry who was paralysed.  Nobody wanted Jerry, he dragged his legs and was doubly incontinent.  Shena saw through that and knew Jerry had a fighting spirit, and raised the money for his operations and bought him some wheels.  Now he is loved, happy, healthy, and full of life.

Shena looks after many special needs animals to give them a chance no one else would, and the sanctuary has grown from 36 animals to 136.  As well as taking in many animals who would otherwise have been put to sleep, Shena also saves wildlife, hand rearing, rehabilitating and releasing back into the wild.  But now Shena’s home and garden have been overtaken by animals and as she hates turning animals in need away, she needs more space to carry on this vital work.

Therefore Shena is looking to buy some land to not only make the lives of the animals presently in her care better but to enable Pudz to help more, as nothing is more heart breaking than turning animals in need away.  Pudz plans to build a cattery so they can rescue more cats, which are by far the most abandoned animals.  But Pudz needs help to raise money to move the animals, to get predator proof fencing, runs and the new cattery.

Every year Pudz hosts around 15 charity events and has helped dozens of charities and individuals help more animals.  But now they need your help to continue their invaluable work – to build a sanctuary which helps both domestic animals and wildlife.  They also hope to offer educational visits for school children, and open days where people can meet the animals.

If you would like to support Pudz Animal Sanctuary, visit their crowd funding website here.  Any donation, no matter small, will help animals who rely on Pudz to keep them safe.


18th April 2019

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