The definition of veganism can vary based upon the raison d’être of the individual.  Many are motivated by the suffering of animals, which inevitably lead them down the road to veganism.

It was therefore with great interest that Bute Island Foods learnt of a company called Strong Vegans, who run an online shop with clothing items and other accessories that proclaim the virtues of veganism.  Their vision is to stop the unnecessary suffering of animals – and to veganize the planet!

They believe that by offering quality products with vegan phrases and slogans, they can help other vegans promote conversation about veganism, animal rights and the environment with a view to educating friends and family.  And hopefully lead them to reconnect with their compassionate side.  They certainly put across a strong vegan message, as their name suggests.  But they also are true to their convictions, and donate a percentage of their profits to freedom farms.

Their range of clothing, for adults and children, are adorned with worthy slogans such as “Animals are Friends, Not Food” and our own personal favourite, “Vegan From My Head Tomatoes”!  And with a range of accessories, there is something for every conscientious vegan.

Strong Vegans is a company passionate about its vision, and offers advice as to how to stimulate conversation about veganism, and hopefully increase understanding among their friends.

So check out the Strong Vegans website and see if there is something for you!

23rd April 2019

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