Research conducted by retail giant Tesco has indicated a fifth of Brits will cater for plant based diets this festive season. The study also focused on which areas were more veg-friendly than others, finding a clear North/South divide in the market. Brighton has been crowned “Vegan Capital of the UK” with 12% of residents planning to serve a vegan festive feast, while in Scotland just 5% are prepping plant based platters.

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco’s Chief Customer Officer had this to say on the matter: “Our research found that, by and large, we’re still a nation of traditionalists – but with a third of people mixing things up at Christmas each year, that is changing.”

Exciting news for vegans, vegetarians and those with any kind of dietary restriction – this rise will in turn bolster the already growing selection of vegan-friendly products on supermarket shelves. Here at Bute Island we’ve followed suit, introducing a new Cheddar style Sheese with Garlic & Chives to our existing range of vegan cheese alternatives.

3rd December 2018

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