Ever since Gregg’s launched its vegan sausage rolls, vegan takeaway food has rarely been out of the headlines.  Some hate the idea – most love it.  And now research by the British Takeaway Campaign shows that vegan food has become the UK’s fastest growing takeaway, with orders rising 500% in two years.

Burgers made from black beans, sweet potato and quinoa, and vegan “fried chicken” are among the dishes challenging fish and chips, tikka masala and chicken chow mein as many families look to alternative options for those days when they do not have time to cook a meal at home.  With an estimated 700,000 vegans in the UK in 2019, and a huge increase in “flexitarians” choosing to reduce their consumption of animal products, orders of vegan takeaways grew 388% between 2016 and 2018, while vegetarian orders rose 137%, according to the report.’ vegan margarita and the smoky chor

The online delivery app Deliveroo reported that vegan orders had quadrupled over the last two years, and said that in the last 12 months the number of vegan restaurants on the app increased by 168%, making it one of the fastest=growing categories.  Last month the the app’s top selling vegan dishes were Wagamama’s vegatsu version of katsu curry, Pizza Express’ vegan margarita and the smoky chorizo and cheese burger from Arancini Brothers.  In June of this year, the app recorded its highest number of vegan orders, followed by January 2019.  Perhaps the result of some well-meaning New Year resolutions!

The news comes as High Street bakers Gregg’s announced that it was developing vegan versions of some of its best-selling lines, from plant-based pasties to steak-less bakes.  Gregg’s CEO Richard Whiteside said that the company was “working away at trying to see whether we can come up with a vegan version of all our top-selling lines.  He added that if the chain can get the new versions tasting as good as their meaty alternatives, they will sell “very successfully”.

Following the success of their vegan “sausage” roll, the Gregg’s focusing on vegan options is just one of the big overhauls at the popular bakery chain, which opened its 2000th shop last month.

If you fancy making some of your own “takeaway” vegan burgers, have a look at our recipe for vegan protein chorizo burgers.

3rd September 2019

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